Need to talk?


Is there something on your mind? Are you dealing with a difficult set of circumstances in your life?


Or are you just feeling anxious and stressed and you're not sure why?


Sometimes we all need to talk and to be listened to; in private and in confidence.


As a fully-qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, I can help provide a safe, confidential space for you to be heard and to work through whatever issues you need. I work with an integrative approach, which means that I am able to draw on the most appropriate and helpful therapeutic techniques for any client; whether that be in the here and now, exploring the past or mapping out the future. I am also a fully accredited hypnotherapist, which can be a wonderful option to help with stress, phobias and other issues.


I have experience in working with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, bereavement and loss, sleeping / eating disorders, life changes, anger problems, sexual issues, phobias, motivation, abuse, depression, habits, self-defeating behaviours, goal achievement, addiction and more...


I work with adults or adolescents, usually one-to-one, in a private consulting room in the Hersham area.


Please call or email me to discuss whatever is on your mind and perhaps arrange an initial meeting.







"I cannot tell you how much you have helped me change my life for the better.

I would not have believed that I could even survive the difficult situation I was in, let alone to now have such a positive outlook on the future..."

Miss C, Weybridge









Why continue to suffer?

Psychotherapy and counselling are proven and powerful ways to alleviate emotional stress and pain. My approach is to listen. To put you, the client in control and at the centre.


It may seem a long way off to you now, but positive change really is possible...


Can therapy really help?

Yes it can. I believe in the power of one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy because I've witnessed it help so many people with different issues.



The hypnotic state is a perfectly natural one, which we all experience many times a day. However, as a therapeutic tool in the right hands, it can effect powerful change very quickly for some issues. Oh, and don't worry, you are always aware and in control.


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Tel: 07770 621774



David Tellett

BSc. (Hons), Ad Dip CP, Dip Hyp CS, LHS

MCS (Acc)